Sunday, October 19, 2008

just sharing my reply to this new pissy lil blog

okay, I have a question. These lil pissy blogs popping up here and there flaming people for supposedly stealing and piracy. My question is why don't you BITCH at those who start the chain in the beginning? When you sell a scrap kit, usually it comes with a TOU. In there, since you all bitch about it so much, there is some statement about not sharing or what have you. Have you ever stopped to think that the person who bought it from you is the person sharing it? I mean if your selling these kits to support your family, feed kids in somalia, buy a new vibrator, support a crack habit WHATEVER the reason, all I ask is you to think about it. I cant check every share and neither can you and if you do, then you spend way to much time on the computer and reality waved bye bye awhile ago. If they buy it from you and share it,that is how this starts. I have bought skrap kits from creators that are my favorites, just as many of you have. I have also downloaded shares of scraps that have come through the groups. I don't know for sure if I have down loaded something of yours or anyone elses that is not supposed to be shared, but more than likely I have. Am I sorry? NO, will I cry in my rice crispies? NO, I usually do what they tell me to anyway. It just really pisses me off that you put really good peoples names on your lil flame lists like it means something. Its not going to change anything and all this drama is simply annoying. NONE of you drama queen flamers can tell me (well you can but i wont believe you) that you hae never used or downloaded something, a kit, a tube or whatever and not given a rats ass about the tou! you have done and you know you have. Your flaming people, good people for things you have done yourself. So, who the fuck do you think you are to point fingers and call names in a blog to humiliate someone? Does that make your day better? a lil brighter?

Another thing, all of these artists that are bitching and whining about their tou being violated? Who the hell do you think made you who and what you are in the psp world anyway? we did, the taggers. If it wasnt for us using your work, liking your work and advertising for you by either word of mouth or some sort of credit in the tag, where do you think you would be today? I mean scraps and tubes dont really have a purpose outside of the psp world that im aware of and im sure someone will email me and tell me plenty of reasons since i said it and because i downloaded a share from a group a fairy drops dead somewhere. i do believe in fairies i do believe in fairies!!

I have been psp'n for i guess about 5 years now. im not the best and im not the worst. I love my groups and creating because it helps me relax, its something i do for pleasure. would do it more often if i could find one of those vibrating seat covers but thats not the point. its fun ladies, that is what it started out as and all this drama and blogs are taking that away. Lady, I dont know you, Im sure your probably a really great person and none of this in any way is to bash you, im just hopin that since you decided to start this blog and flame these people, point fingers and call names that you can explain to me who came and called you God and you believed it? Maybe if yall would stop callin names and all the drama and EXPLAIN your point( if you have one i think some of you just like to bitch). We as taggers are pretty smart ( i like to think, i mean come on we made most of yall well known in the psp world)so if you would try talking to us as people and not some twelve year old or some holier than thou bible salesman, you might just get somewhere. But, hey thats just my opinion. I know that im gonna get totally bashed but hey if you are bashing me then your giving some other poor lady a break. There will always be more of us than there are of you, thats what you dont understand.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New Tag

Friday, September 26, 2008

The Purpose Of This Blog

It's not just me that makes this blog, It's ALL of us. It will be what we make it. The Flamers and the Haters think that they can bully us from behind a screen, sling hateful things and even the lowest blow, which is posting personal information on their sites thinking that will do ANYTHING. The only success they have with those sites is to piss us off.

Ladies we have power here too. That is what this blog is all about. Taking our voice back and showing them that there will ALWAYS be more of US than there is of them. United we will show them that we are MANY, that we are STRONG and that we are tired of their BITCHING AND WHINING.

In one of the posts, someone made a very valid point. Most of these that are pissed off and bitching, when they first started they were so flattered that others liked and wanted to use there work. Then when money entered into it, that changed. They would NOT be popular in psp circles without US. We made them and we also have the power to take that fame away.

I know many that are learning to make their own scraps, their own tubes and so forth. They have said that it will never be charged for as they are doing it out of love for what they do, not for money. When this happens and we have several doing this, we can stop buying the PTU scraps and tubes. Then where will they be? What will they bitch about then? Who will they blame then? For myself, PSP is a hobby, somehting I do to relax and for fun. I don't make money from it, no fame or glory. What I seek from it and my yahoo groups is very simple....a small amount of peace in my chaotic life.

This change is coming and it is their fault, they have no one to blame but themselves.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

psp folks UNITE

Here you can voice your opinion. You can say what you want, how you want, name names and any information you would like to use, do it here. Tell your friends about this blog, its for all of us.

We are taking back our voice and using the rules that the flamers and haters are using and using them against them. If you know of a flaming site, name it here.

Lets show them that they are not the only ones with a voice.